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VELVET BEAN Seeds | Mucuna pruriens


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VELVET BEAN Seeds - Mucuna pruriens


Available in packs of 5 and 15 seeds.


These medicinal grade seeds possess a high quality genetic profile and are freshly harvested from our own garden.




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VELVET BEAN Seeds | Mucuna pruriens

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  • 1. Start your Mucuna Pruriens seeds indoors, in pots. You'll need to pot the plants in early Spring and then transplant them outdoors afterwards.


    2. Choose a moderately-shaded area for planting. Mucuna Pruriens plants do like a lot of sun, but too much can burn them, especially when they're young. Remember, some plants can have vines that reach up to 4.5m in length, so they'll definitely reach towards the sun and get more sunlight as they grow.


    3. Prepare the soil in the area you've chosen by tilling a large amount of compost under and making sure that the soil is very rich. Remember, as a tropical plant Mucuna Pruriens prefers a dark, rich soil and will struggle without it.


    4. Place a trellis along the area where you'll be planting your Mucuna Pruriens. These climbing shrubs needs something to hold on to in order to grow tall and strong.


    5. Plant the seeds about 2.5cm or so from your trellis, roughly 1cm under the soil, and water the area liberally until the ground is thoroughly soaked. Leave at least 15cm between each plant.


    6. Keep your Mucuna Pruriens plants well-watered, watering at least every other day. This is especially crucial when they're young and just beginning to develop.