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SEKHMET Sacred Incense | The 5th Way


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SEKHMET Sacred Incense - The 5th Way


Available in 25g and 50g packs.


Our sacred incense pays homage to the divine goddess Sekhmet and is made to the original 5th Way Mystery School recipe.


We have expertly crafted this rich resin using only the finest ingredients curated from all over the world. This sacred resin was created during ceremony on Sekhmets feast day and we consider it a great honor and privilege to share it with you.


Best used with high quality charcoal discs and a censer.




Sacred Frankincense | Boswellia sacra (Oman)

Pure Dragons Blood | Draco calamus (Morocco)

White Copal | Copaifera officinalis (Brazil)

Juniper | Juniperus communis (Nepal)

Cinnamon | Cinnamomum verum (India)

Benzoin Sumatra | Styrax benzoin (Indonesia)

Red Sandalwood | Pterocarpus santalinus (India)

Clove | Syzygium aromaticum (Indonesia)

Frankincense Oil | Boswellia sacra (Oman)

Orange Oil | Citrus sinensis (Lebanon)




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We do not advocate the use of any herbal resin in any particular way. We aim to support and encourage education around the traditional use of sacred plants. All information herein is provided for historical, educational and research purposes only.




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SEKHMET Sacred Incense | The 5th Way

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