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SPIKE PROTEIN Protocol Tincture | Double Strength


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SPIKE PROTEIN Protocol Tincture - Double Strength

Available in 100ml glass dropper bottles.


This double strength tincture contains 14 key ingredients of the highest quality that may help supercharge your body’s natural immune system to protect against spike protein exposure. Most of these ingredients are also recommended in David Wolfe’s Spike Protein Protocol.


Contains approx 2,000 drops per 100ml bottle.




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SPIKE PROTEIN Protocol Tincture | Double Strength

SKU: Spike Protein Protocol Tincture
  • Spike Proteins are glycoproteins that protrude from the envelope of some viruses and facilitates entry of the virion into a host cell by binding to a receptor on the surface of a host cell followed by fusion of the viral and host cell membranes.


    Like a key in a lock, these spike proteins fuse to receptors on the surface of cells, allowing the virus's genetic code to invade the host cell, take over its operating system and replicate itself.