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OLIBANUM Resin | Boswellia frereana


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OLIBANUM Resin - Coptic Frankincense - Boswellia frereana


Available in 25g and 50g packs.


Our medicinal grade Olibanum Resin possesses a high quality aromatic profile and is 100% pure.


Our Olibanum resin is sustainably harvested from ancient Boswellia frereana trees from the arid plains of Somalia. The resin from this region is regarded as the purest and highest quality available in the world. The fragrant aroma of Olibanum is described as sweet and woody. A truly heavenly scent. Great for use during meditation, ceremony and for medicinal applications.




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OLIBANUM Resin | Boswellia frereana

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  • Boswellia frereana is a small evergreen tree growing up to 8m tall, though usually smaller. The plant has a very long history of human use with evidence that it was used by the ancient Egyptians over 3,500 years ago. It is often cultivated and harvested from the wild for its aromatic resin known as Olibanum.


    Boswellia frereana is a species of plant native to Somalia where the locals call it ‘Dhidin’ or ‘Maydi’. It is often revered by locals as ‘the King of all Frankincense’. In the West, Olibanum is sometimes called ‘Coptic Frankincense’. This is the type and grade of Olibanum used by the Coptic Church of Egypt.


    Other than its incense uses, it has a long history of medicinal applications as well. Its often made into an oil or paste and directly applied to sore joints to treat inflammation and arthritis.


    Currently 80% of worlds premium quality Olibanum resin production is sold direct to Saudi Arabian markets where it is traditionally purchased by Muslim pilgrims as gifts. The remaining 20% is sold to other markets around the world.