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RASPBERRY JAM WATTLE Seeds | Acacia acuminata narrow phyllode


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RASPBERRY JAM WATTLE Seeds - Acacia acuminata - Narrow Phyllode


Available in packs of 10 and 30 seeds.


These medicinal grade Acacia acuminata narrow phyllode variety seeds possess a high quality genetic profile and are harvested fresh.


Reported to contain up to 1.6% of The Spirit Molecule alkaloid in the bark, 0.72% in the stems and between 0.6% - 1% in the phyllodes.




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RASPBERRY JAM WATTLE Seeds | Acacia acuminata narrow phyllode

SKU: Acacia Acuminata Narrow Phyllode
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  • Acacia acuminata is native to southwestern region of Western Australia. The species name acuminata comes from the Latin word ‘acuminatus, which means pointed or elongated. This refers to the long tapering point at the end of each phyllode. The common name Raspberry Jam Wattle refers to the strong odour of freshly cut wood which smells like raspberry jam.


    Acacia acuminata is now accommodated in three variants - typical, narrow phyllode and small seed. The narrow phyllode variety having the most interesting alkaloid profile.


    Acacia acuminata grows as a tall shrub or small tree growing 3m - 7m. In ideal conditions it may grow to a height of 10m but in most of its distribution it does not grow above 5m. As with most Acacia species, it has phyllodes rather than true leaves. These are bright green, around 10cm long and about 10mm wide and finish in a long point. The lemon yellow flowers are held in tight cylindrical clusters about 2cm long with flowering occur late Winter to Spring. The pods are light brown and flattened, about10cm long and 5mm wide and are present during Summer.