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SCHISANDRA Organic Dried Berries | Schisandra chinensis


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SCHISANDRA Organic Dried Berries - Schisandra chinensis


Available in 50g and 100g packs.


Our certified organic whole dried Schisandra Berries are potent with a high quality medicinal profile.




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SCHISANDRA Organic Dried Berries | Schisandra chinensis

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  • Schisandra Berry holds a special place in history since it was used along with other ancient herbs, like Ginseng, Goji Berry and Reishi, by Taoist Masters, Chinese Emperors and elitists. In Russia, Schisandra first gained recognition as an ‘adaptogen agent’ in the 1960s when it was published in the official medicine of the USSR handbook, following the discovery that it helps fight adrenal fatigue, heart problems and the negative effects of stress.


    Interestingly, Schisandra Berry gets its name due to the berries having quite a complex taste, since they hold five distinct flavor properties: bitter, sweet, sour, salty and hot. This is why Schisandra Berry is sometimes called ‘the five-flavored berry’.


    Beyond just how it tastes, its flavor components are important for understanding the way it works. The secret to Schisandra Berry power is that it’s said to have properties pertaining to all five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which means it works in multiple ‘meridians’ within the body to restore internal balance and health.


    Because it impacts nearly every organ system within the human body, it has dozens of uses and benefits. Traditional Chinese Medicine views Schisandra Berry as an herb that helps balance all three "treasures' within the body - Jing, Shen and Chi.


    It’s most well known for boosting liver function and helping with adrenal functions but other benefits also include acting like a powerful brain tonic by improving focus, concentration, memory and mental energy. It also helps improving digestion, supporting hormonal balance and nourishing the skin.


    Studies have found that, in healthy subjects, Schisandra generates alterations in the basal levels of Nitric Oxide and Cortisol present in blood and saliva.


    Schisandra Berry has historically been taken as a tonic tea. Unlike many other herbs or supplements, it can be taken long term without any negative side effects or risks. In fact, it’s believed to work better and better the longer you take it, just like many other natural adaptogens.


    Some herbs that are beneficial for improving liver function can start to become problematic if used for too long, but Schisandra is safe for day-to-day use even in people with sensitive digestive systems and low tolerance to supplements.