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SCHISANDRA BERRY Elixir | Schisandra chinensis


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SCHISANDRA BERRY Elixir - Schisandra chinensis


Available in 100ml bottles.


Our organic Schisandra Berry Elixir is potent with a high quality medicinal profile.


Full spectrum Schisandra Berry Elixir is made by slowly extracting the medicinal compounds from Schisandra chinensis whole fruits into alcohol using gentle heat and continuous stirring. It’s then cold pressed and double filtered leaving a beautifully refined aromatic red tincture. Safe to ingest for remarkable health benefits.


Our Schisandra Berries are harvested from organic ‘Eastern Prince’ Schisandra chinesis vines. The berries from this variety are regarded as having the greatest medicinal qualities.  The complex flavors of Schisandra Berry are described as having five flavors - sweet, salty, bitter, pungent and sour. Hence, it is sometimes called ‘the five flavored fruit’.


Comes in 100ml premium Amber glass bottle with graduated glass dropper and tamper evident seal. Keep refrigerated and shake well before use.


Contains approx 2,000 drops per 100ml bottle.




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SCHISANDRA BERRY Elixir | Schisandra chinensis

SKU: Schisandra Berry Elixir 100ml
  • Schisandra Berry Elixir can be taken in doses of 20 - 30 drops daily which is the equivalent of 1ml - 1.5ml per day. It can also be added to water, teas and juices.