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SCHISANDRA BERRY Eastern Prince Seeds | Schisandra chinensis


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SCHISANDRA BERRY Seed - Eastern Prince - Schisandra chinensis


Available in 5 seed and 15 seed packs.


The Schisandra Berry variety offered is ‘Eastern Price’ . These medicinal grade seeds possess a high quality genetic profile with the ‘Eastern Price’ being both bi-sexual and self-fertile.


Schisandra chinensis, also known as Five Flavor Fruit, is a vine plant native to forests of Northern China, the Russian Far East and Korea. Wild varieties are also found in Japan. The fruits are red berries in dense clusters around 10cm and are harvested for their unique flavour and medicinal benefits.




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SCHISANDRA BERRY Eastern Prince Seeds | Schisandra chinensis

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  • Soak seeds in spring water overnight before planting. The seeds can be cultivated indoors in a seedling tray with a humidity dome using seed raising mix.  Give 30 days warm (21- 26°C), then 30 days cold (5-10°C), then plant in cool shade - requires oscillating temperatures for germination to occur. The soil should be kept humid for the seeds to soak up with water.  As the flowers are prone to frost damage, they are best grown in areas where the chances for frost are low. Starting in Winter the fruits develop and then ripen into bright colored red berries.


    Pruning of Schisandra vines is necessary to improve ventilation and light conditions. Schisandra chinensis is a bi-sexual plant having both male and female flowers. It produces better fruit set if 2 or more plants are grown. Furthermore, anything that competes for nutrition with the Schisandra vine should be cut away. It's deciduous and very cold hardy.