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SANANGA Organic Root Bark | Tabernaemontana undulata


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SANANGA Organic Root Bark - Tabernaemontana undulata


Available in 2.5g and 5g packs.


Our organic Sananga Root Bark is freshly harvested from the Tabernaemontana undulata plant which possess a high quality medicinal profile.




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SANANGA Organic Root Bark | Tabernaemontana undulata

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  • Sananga Root Bark come from the two plants Tabernaemontana Sananho (masculine plant spirit) and Tabernaemontana Undulata (feminine plant spirit).


    Traditionally, Sananga was used in its pure form, with the juice extracted from the fresh root and applied directly into the eyes. Nowadays, an aqueous extract of the root bark is used.