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MYSTICAL FIRE Packet | Vibrant Flame Colorant


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MYSTICAL FIRE Packet - Vibrant Flame Colorant - 25g


Availble in packs of 1 and 3 satchels.


A unique way to enjoy a brilliant display of colorful flames on wood burning fires.

Illuminate the night with a rainbow of colour, by adding Mystical Fire to your outdoor wood campfire. Mystical Fire is easy to use, just add 1-3 packets for best results into any wood burning fire and sit back and watch the flame turn blue, green and violet. If you love a good campfire, then Mystical Fire will take your ordinary flames to the next level on your adventure.




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MYSTICAL FIRE Packet | Vibrant Flame Colorant

SKU: Mystical Fire 25g Vibrant Flame Colorant
PriceFrom AU$8.50
  • It's very simple to use Mystical Fire. Simply, toss a packet into any wood burning fire. Then sit back and enjoy the vibrant color display that Mystical Fire will produce. For best results, use 3 packs at once and position them at the top of the burning wood heap.