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MYRRH Resin | Commiphora myrrha


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  • MYRRH Resin - Commiphora myrrha


Our medicinal grade Myrrh Resin possesses a high quality aromatic profile and is 100% pure.


Our Myrrh Resin is sustainably harvested from ancient Commiphora myrrha trees from the desert region near the Oman and Yemen border. The Myrrh from this region is regarded as the purest and highest quality available in the world. The fragrant aroma of Myrrh is described as woody, warm, aromatic, pungent and medicinal. A truly heavenly scent. Great for use during meditation, ceremony and for medicinal applications.

MYRRH Resin | Commiphora myrrha

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  • Myrrh Resin can be burnt on charcoal discs as a sacred incense.