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MAPACHO Seeds | Nicotiana rustica


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MAPACHO Seeds - Nicotiana rustica


Available in packs of 10 and 30 seeds.


These medicinal grade seeds possess a high quality genetic profile and are freshly harvested from our own garden.


Mapacho is considered one of the 7 Master Teacher Plants and Rapé, the powdered form of Mapacho, is one of the most widely used sacred plants on the planet, with a rich history and dynamic narrative. It is made from the leaves of the well-known species Nicotiana rustica and is often mixed with the ash of other sacred plants.  Traditionally used as an offering, for blessings, and for intentional use as part of spiritual practices, Mapacho remains a medicinal plant and an essential part of spiritual practices. The smoke is used to cleanse, protect, and carry intention.




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MAPACHO Seeds | Nicotiana rustica

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  • Nicotiana rustica is best propagated from seed. Simply scatter the seeds over quality Seed Raising Mix inside a humidity dome and then lightly sprinkle the ash from a fireplace over the top. This step greatly aids in germination. Mapacho needs light to germinate so make sure the seeds aren’t buried under the surface. Use a spray bottle to add a small amount of moisture and the seeds will begin to sprout in approx 14 days time. Transplant once they reach 3cm tall. Soil pH should be about 5.8 for best growth. In Australia, for optimum growth, the seedlings are best planted outdoors during September, October and November.