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LOVE-IN-A-MIST PASSIONFRUIT Seeds | Passiflora foetida


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LOVE-IN-A-MIST PASSIONFRUIT Seeds - Passiflora foetida


Available in packs of 10 and 30 seeds.


These medicinal grade seeds possess a high quality genetic profile and are freshly harvested from our own garden.


These seeds are fresh from the fruit and are sent with a small amount of pulp/juice to ensure they remain fresh/viable and don’t dry out. Please plant immediately.


Passiflora foetida is a carnvivorous passionfruit. It’s an ill-scented, climbing herbaceous perennial plant growing from a woody rootstock and producing annual to perennial, somewhat sticky stems around 0.7m - 3m long, occasionally to 5m. These stems scramble over the ground, or clamber into the surrounding vegetation, supporting themselves by means of coiling tendrils. The fruit is gathered from the wild and consumed locally, but is not greatly valued because of its small size. However, the plant is cultivated for its fruit in some tropical areas of America, Africa and Asia. It is also grown as an ornamental.




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LOVE-IN-A-MIST PASSIONFRUIT Seeds | Passiflora foetida

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  • It’s best sown fresh from the pod along with the pulp which will help break down the seed coat and speed up germination. Dried seed should be soaked for 24 hours in warm water and germination time can be reduced if the seed is then mixed with the juice of a fresh passion fruit (of any species). Even so, it can take 12 months for dried seeds to germinate. Place the seed tray in a shady position, maintaining a temperature around 19 - 24°c. Prick the seedlings out into individual containers as soon as they are large enough to handle and plant out next to a trellis when large enough