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SHAMAN Soap | Handmade Pure Coconut Oil


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SHAMAN Soap - Handmade Pure Coconut Oil - 125g


Allow your daily shower ritual to become an oasis of peace and tranquility with this incredibly scented Ayurveda soap.  Handmade with pure coconut oil and 23 rare medicinal herbs. This great smelling herbal soap is an exhilarating gift for your mind, body and spirit.  




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SHAMAN Soap | Handmade Pure Coconut Oil

SKU: Kayakalp Soap Handmade Coconut Oil
  • Pure Coconut Oil, Red Sandalwood, Cuscusroot, Amomum, Cassia Auriculata, Acorus Calamus, Black Cuminseed, Lemon, Cyperus Stolonferus, Jamaica Liquorice, Merium Antidy Sentiricum, Sarasaparilla, Phyllanthus Emplica, Acalypha Indica, Agrostis Linearis, Agrostis Linearis, Basil, A Pungent Creeper, Millia Azidarachta, Pooralea Corylifolia, Myrrh, Dried Pumpkin, Ginger, Mimusops, Crataera Religiosa.