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DATURA Seeds | Datura stramonium


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DATURA Seeds - Datura stramonium


These medicinal grade seeds possess a high quality genetic profile and are freshly harvested from our own garden.


Datura stramonium is an erect, often much-branched, annual to short-lived perennial plant that can grow up to 2m tall. Datura is a popular traditional medicine with a long history of use. It is harvested from the wild, both as a medicine and also as a source of materials. It is cultivated commercially as a medicinal plant, mainly to supply active compounds for the pharmaceutical industry.




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DATURA Seeds | Datura stramonium

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  • 1. Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours. When you’re ready to plant your seeds, fill a small bowl with warm water and place the seeds inside. Let the seeds soak for about 24 hours, then dry them off with a clean towel.


    2. Plant your seeds 0.5cm deep in a humidity dome seedling tray.


    3. Store your tray in a sunny area until the seeds sprout. Move your seeds to an area where they’ll have access to lots of sunlight. For the best results possible, try to find a spot that has an average temperature of 24°C. Keep your seeds in this spot until they start to sprout.Growing time will vary. Your seeds may sprout after just 2 or 3 weeks, or they make take months to grow.


    4. Check the seeds every day and make sure the soil stays moist. Once every day, peel back the plastic wrap and check to see how your seeds are doing. If the starting mix is dry, spray it with water until it becomes damp again. Transplant when 5cm.