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INTELLECT TREE Seeds | Celastrus paniculatus


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  • INTELLECT TREE Seeds - Celastrus paniculatus


These medicinal grade seeds possess a high quality genetic profile and are freshly harvested.


Intellect Tree seeds have been described as a brain tonic. It produces a light, refreshing burst of mental energy within a short while of consumption. It creates the feeling of fluid, alert thoughts, improved memory and heightened concentration. It can be taken as a potent and effective stimulant which makes study or other detail oriented tasks easier to focus upon and complete.




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INTELLECT TREE Seeds | Celastrus paniculatus

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  • Celastrus paniculatus is a deciduous, climbing shrub producing stems up to 10m long and 25cm in diameter. The stems twine into the surrounding vegetation, helping to support themselves by means of hooked prickles. The plant is harvested from the wild for local use as a medicine and source of oil. The oil has gained a high reputation medicinally and is exported for use in a range of medications. The species is currently endangered due to over exploitation.