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CHARCOAL Discs | Southern Star


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  • CHARCOAL Discs - 35mm - Southern Star - 12 Pieces


These 12 premium charcoal discs are made from high quality Bamboo and are self-igniting.




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CHARCOAL Discs | Southern Star

SKU: Southern Star Charcoal Disc 35mm
  • The Southern Star Charcoal Discs are made with all natural charcoal that lights instantly. The natural charcoal discs are odour free and generate minimal smoke throughout the burn.  The easy light charcoal discs are ideal to burn incense resin in home or in your place of worship.


    The 35mm all natural charcoal disks last a whole 45 minutes. Packed in a roll of 6, the charcoal disks can be carried or stored easily. The all natural Bamboo charcoal discs burn down completely leaving only ash and nothing more.

  • Each pack contains 6 charcoal discs sealed in foil. Once opened the natural dryness of the discs will cause them to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. To avoid any difficulty lighting the discs later on please remember to store the opened packet in an airtight container or wrap the remaining discs in the foil wrapper.


    Charcoal discs burn at an extremely high temperature so it is very important to use a suitable heat-proof receptacle or purpose made incense burner.


    Lighting a charcoal disc is very straight forward. Take a disc by the thumb and forefinger holding the depression side up. With a flame from a match, lighter or candle apply to the opposite end being held. Once the charcoal begins to heat it will start to sparkle. Once alight place the charcoal on the incense burner and allow to completely ignite. This is when the line of sparks moves across the face of the disc and reaches the opposite side and subsides. Whilst this takes place smoke will rise which should not be inhaled or allowed to billow in your space.


    Charcoal discs are bevelled at the base to allow air to be drawn through the block so to provide a ready source of oxygen. Placing gravel or sand in the base of your burner improves the burning efficiency.


    You are now ready to burn the incense of your choice. Add a little at a time, taking care not to smother the charcoal disc and replenish as necessary.