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BLACK COPAL Resin | Protium copal


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  • BLACK COPAL Resin - Protium copal


Our pure Black Copal Resin possesses a high quality aromatic and medicinal profile.


Our Black Copal Resin is sustainably harvested from old Mexican Protium copal trees . The Black Copal from this region is regarded as the purest and highest quality available in the world. Unlike other Copals, Black Copal is considered most desirable due to its rich and mysterious scent. Black Copal is used for cleansing, balancing, clarity and protection. The fragrant aroma of Black Copal is described as woody and earthy. A truly mysterious scent. Great to burn on charcoal discs as an incense for use during meditation, ceremony and for medicinal applications.




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BLACK COPAL Resin | Protium copal

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  • Known for its ability to elicit mentally uplifting and calming effects, Black Copal is rich in triterpenes that have been shown to significantly reduce anxiety. Burning this resin is thought to activate 'ion' channels in the brain, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.


    These calming effects of Black Copal also allow the body to wind down and destress in readiness for sleep. It has long been used by the ancients to promote emotional balance and to calm down the nervous system.


    Black Copal is a powerful incense to use during meditation. It is linked with the crown chakra, deepening connection to the mystical and encouraging pure thoughts during meditation. Black Copal also helps to strengthen the auric body, helping to remove stagnant energy.


    It is believed that Black Copal unites the energising force of the sun with the grounding properties of the earth, drawing out and transmuting negative energy on every level.


    In line with most other incenses, Black Copal has a long history of traditional use as a space clearer, eradicating negative energy from places and objects. It’s woody scent is said to bring a positive and loving energy that will fill the home with peaceful energies.