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APPLE OF PERU Seeds | Nicandra physalodes


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APPLE OF PERU Seeds - Nicandra physalodes


Available in packs of 10 and 30 seeds.


These medicinal grade seeds possess a high quality genetic profile and are freshly harvested from our own garden.


Nicandra physalodes is a species of flowering plant in subfamily Solanoideae of the nightshade family. It is known by the common names Apple of Peru and Shoofly Plant. It is thought originally to have been native to western South America, including Peru, and is known elsewhere as an introduced and ruderal species – sometimes as a weed – in tropical, subtropical and, to a lesser extent, temperate areas all over the world. It has also long been cultivated as an ornamental plant for its attractive flowers and curious fruits, the latter sometimes dried for use in floral design and has been adopted into the traditional medicine of countries far removed from its original home.




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APPLE OF PERU Seeds | Nicandra physalodes

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  • The seed can remain dormant for several decades. Oddly enough, the best time to sow Apple of Peru is during Winter, because the seeds germinate best after a treatment at low temperatures and really love a winter outdoors. If not, try sowing it outdoors in early spring, when the soil is still cool. For an extra-large plant, start the seeds indoors inside 4–6 weeks before Spring. Sow them in peat pots so the fragile root system can be planted into the garden intact. Sow without covering the seeds, as they need light to germinate. Grow the plant in a sunny or, at very least, partially shaded location in well-drained soil of just about any quality. Even very poor soils are fine. It looks great in a pot too.