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SYRIAN RU Seeds | Peganum harmala


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SYRIAN RUE Seeds - Peganum harmala


Available in 3.5g and 10.5g packs.


These medicinal grade seeds possess a high quality genetic profile and are freshly harvested.




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SYRIAN RUE Seeds | Peganum harmala

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  • Syrian Rue seed need to be Halo Primed before sowing. Then sow in full sun during spring or summer when daytime temps are 25ºC - 35ºC and night time temperatures are above 15ºC. You can also direct sow to avoid disturbing the bright yellow β -Carboline rich roots.


    Halo Priming is a process of soaking seeds for 24 hours in a salt water solution. Measure out 1.75g of regular table salt and add it to 100ml of water to create the Halo Priming solution. This will achieve a salinity roughly equal to 50% of natural sea water. After 24 hours of soaking, drain the solution and allow the seeds to dry off, then sow. This method greatly increases the germination rate and the strength of seedlings.


    Sow the seed just under surface of a custom made seed raising mix and place in full sun during Spring or Summer. Once big enough the seeds can be separated and potted up or planted out into the garden.


    Syrian Rue needs to be sown and grown in a soil mix high in inorganic material (pumice, sand, perlite, gravel) and low in organic material (coco peat, pine bark, compost). The ideal ratio is 70%  inorganic material to 30% organic material. This enables sharp drainage and excellent survival rate of potted plants. A plant native to arid regions, Syrian Rue likes well drained, poor soil, in full sun. Avoid overhead watering and don’t during at all during Winter.