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PALO SANTO Smudge Sticks | Bursera graveolens


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PALO SANTO Smudge Sticks - Bursera graveolens


Available in packs of 5 and 15 smudge sticks.


Our hand cut Palo Santo Smudge Sticks possesses a high quality aromatic profile and are of the highest ceremonial grade quality.


The Smudge Sticks are sustainably harvested from ancient Bursera graveolens trees and are imported from the coastal dry forests of Ecuador. The Palo Santo from this region is regarded as the oldest and highest quality available in the world. The fragrant aroma of Palo Santo is described as a subtle, sweet, woody scent with hints of Mint and Citrus. A truly heavenly scent. Great for use during meditation and ceremony.




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PALO SANTO Smudge Sticks | Bursera graveolens

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  • Burning dried wood from the mystical Palo Santo tree, and collecting its concentrated oils, have been widely used in folk medicines and by Shamans for centuries.  The Palo Santo tree has long been thought to have special spiritual qualities.


    For ritual participants who observe the practice and take in Palo Santo’s aroma, it’s said to clear misfortune, negative thought prints, and evil spirits. This is one reason Palo Santo  is considered a powerful supporter of mental and emotional clarity. Aside from its mental health applications, it has promising benefits when it comes to raising immunity and fighting illnesses.


    Palo Santo Oil has been found to contains compounds that lower oxidative stress and protect cells. Its protective Phytochemicals seem capable of helping to stop disease formation within the digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems.