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TURKEY TAIL Organic Mushroom Powder | Trametes versicolor


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TURKEY TAIL Organic Mushroom Powder - Trametes versicolor


Available in 50g, 100g, 500g and 1kg.


Our certified organic Turkey Tail mushroom powder is potent with a high quality medicinal profile. Contains the whole fruiting body only and no mycelium fillers.


Turkey Tail mushrooms have been brewed for thousands of years by the Chinese as medicinal teas so it’s no secret to them just how amazing this beautiful mushroom is.


It’s been used as early as the 15th century during the Ming Dynasty in China. The Japanese, who reference it as ‘Kawaritake’ or ‘Cloud Mushrooms’ due to an image of swirling clouds, have been well aware of the benefits of this super, power-filled mushroom, with researchers noting its health benefits, particularly in boosting the immune system. In fact, the cloud-like image symbolises ‘longevity and health, spiritual attunement and infinity’ to Asian cultures.




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We do not advocate the use of any medicinal fungi in any particular way. We aim to support and encourage education around the traditional use of medicinal plants. All information herein is provided for historical, educational and research purposes only.




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TURKEY TAIL Organic Mushroom Powder | Trametes versicolor

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  • The Turkey Tail mushroom comes from the Trametes versicolor family, formerly Coriolus versicolor or ‘Cloud Mushroom’. It’s one of the 100 species of mushrooms that have been researched for their medicinal properties.


    Turkey Tail mushroom grows on dead logs in woodland environments worldwide and gets its name from the brown and tan rings that look like the tail feathers of a turkey. It’s a type of bracket fungi, which means that it forms thin, circular structures that appear leaf-like. While they have an array of fall colors like a span of turkey feathers, one of the most vivid colors is typically bright green and is actually algae.


    Turkey Tail benefits include stimulating immune function and reducing inflammation. It has a long history of use in Asia among practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, who used formulations of Turkey Tail to promote general health, strength and longevity.