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TINCTURE | Styrax benzoin


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TINCTURE - Styrax benzoin


Available in 10ml glass dropper bottles.


Our medicinal grade tincture possesses a high quality aromatic profile and is made from the finest ingredients.


Full spectrum tincture is made by slowly extracting the essential oils from Styrax benzoin resin into alcohol using gentle heat and continuous stirring. It’s then filtered leaving a beautifully refined aromatic liquid. Safe to use on the skin for remarkable health benefits.


Our Benzoin Sumatra Resin is ethically harvested from ancient Styrax benzoin trees on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Benzoin from Sumatra is regarded as the purest and highest quality available in the world.  Unlike other Benzoins, Sumatran Benzoin resin contains Cinnamic Acid in addition to Benzoic Acid. The fragrant aroma of Benzoin Sumatra is described as sweet Vanilla with hints of Cinnamon. A truly heavenly scent with powerful medicinal value. 




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TINCTURE | Styrax benzoin

SKU: Tincture Styrax Benzoin
  • Benzoin is an aromatic, evergreen tree growing from 8m - 34m tall with a slightly buttressed bole that can be from 10cm - 100cm in diameter. The plant excretes a fragrant balsam on being bruised. This species is the only source of the fragrant Benzoin sumatra resin. Traditionally, this has been gathered from the wild for local medicinal use.


    It first gained popularity in Europe towards the end of the 16th century, and now finds extensive use worldwide as a sacred incense and in the flavour, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries. It is probably best known as an ingredient of the herbal preparation 'Friars Balsam. The Shamans in the Batak highlands, as well as in Sumatra and Java, burn Benzoin Sumatra resin to help enter a trance state during healing ceremonies.