Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum


Native Origin: Mexico


Best known as the medicinal chili used to make genuine Paprika and is favored for use in ceremonial cacao drinks, rapé snuffs and anti inflammatory applications.


Paprika is rich in flavor and has a sweet, spicy, smoked aroma and whilst most commonly dried and later finely powdered, can also be consumed fresh and used in everyday cooking. It was recently discovered that Parpika activates alkaloids in Cacao, in a similar way that Black Pepper activates Tumeric. It is also an effective preventative measure aginst sea sickness.


The Paprika fruit matures from green to a bright red, and dries to a deep maroon. Pods grow to about 8cm with thin walls. The flavour has been graded as 'Exquisite Delicate' with a 'Mild' heat profile.


For research purposes only.

Paprika Chili Pepper 25 Seeds | Capsicum annuum

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