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INTELLECT TREE Tincture - Celastrus Paniculatus - 10mL

Contains (approx) 200 drops per 10mL bottle.


Celastrus paniculatus is native to India, where it’s used by traditional healers as a powerful brain tonic, hence its common name - The Intellect Tree. These uses include “...mental acuity, support memory and intellect as well as retention and recalling power; and to alleviate mental fatigue, stress...”. It was believed that people using this plant would be able to learn new information more quickly, and more accurately and efficiently recall it later.


Celastrus paniculatus seeds and their oil are what is used for cognitive support. The seeds contains a variety of active compounds, including Sesquiterpenes such as Celastrine, Celapanine, Celapanigine, Celapagin, Malkangunin and Paniculatine. Celastrus paniculatus extracts have, in experimental research, positively influenced cognitive function and neuroprotective functions.


Fortified in high quality 37.5% alcohol. Comes in a premium 10mL cobalt blue bottle with glass dropper. Shake well before use. Keep refrigerated. Best before March 2023. Do not consume if breastfeeding or pregnant. Consult a healthcare professional before use.



Adults: 5 drops each morning, held under the tongue for 30 seconds, then followed with a glass of water.


Children (6 - 12 years old): 2 drop each morning, held under the tongue for 30 seconds, then followed with a glass of water.



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INTELLECT TREE Tincture 10mL | Celastrus Paniculatus

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