Botanical Name: Argyreia nervosa


Native Origin: India


The Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose is a beautiful, woody, flowering trellis vine that flourishes in direct sunlight in hot, humid climates with plenty of access to water.


Known to reach over 10 meters in height, the heart shaped leaves are large and downy with velvety white hairs, and the purple flowers gradate from a deep fuchsia shade inside to a lighter shade of lavender toward the outer petals. The seed pods dry into woody “rose buds,” each pod containing four seeds.


These seeds are a unique hybrid known as the “Infinity” strain which is a cross between the well known Hawaiian variety and the Australian variety known as “Alligator Creek” from North Queensland.


Once this beautiful climber is growing in your garden, you will find yourself delighted by the mere presence of this graceful plant, and all the effort will be worth it once you get your first harvest of seeds.


For research purposes only.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose 5 Seeds | Argyreia nervosa

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  • The roots and the seeds are used in traditional Ayurvedic herbal medicine in India. The plant is considered to be alterative, aphrodisiac, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, emollient and tonic. The seeds have been shown to contain a number of alkaloids. The root is often used in the form of a powder. It is used internally as an alterative in the treatment of a range of conditions. Externally, a paste of the roots is used as a poultice on rheumatic joints, boils, scorpion stings etc, and is rubbed over the body to reduce obesity. The leaves are antiphlogistic, emollient. They are used as poultices on skin diseases and wounds. The silky side of the leaf is applied to tumours, boils, sores and carbuncles.